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Several of the feats listed below contain [Super] feats (which can be taken by Enhanced creatures), and [Mutant] feats (which can be taken by Mutant creatures). Characters with a [Super] feat gain a +1 bonus to Character level checks made to induce their power, and a +5% success chance when using uncontrolled powers. Creatures with a [Mutant] feats increase their limits on mutations by +1 per [Mutant] feat.

Genetic Mutation [General]

  • Benefit: Some blame it on WizCorp radiation, others believe it to be a gift from the gods. Regardless, your body changes a little bit for better. Your genetic instability flares to life, conferring upon you the designation of a mutant character. As a mutant character you can take mutant feats. You do not, however, gain any mutations simply by virtue of having this feat. Roll 2d8 to determine two ability scores, which are each increased by +1. On a roll of an 8, roll twice to determine the ability score and choose one (repeating as necessary). The same ability score can be increased, but an ability score cannot be increased past 20 (before applying racial modifiers).
  • Special: This feat can be taken multiple times, the effects stack. This roll is immutable.

Genetic Mutation, Greater [Mutant]

  • Prerequisite: Genetic Mutation, Character level 8th
  • Benefit: You scream in pain as your entire genetic makeup is rewritten. Roll new miscellaneous body scores (such as height, weight, gender, etc). While this may include a new gender, your mind is otherwise unaltered (although biological imperatives may take precedence). For every ability score, roll 1d6; on a roll of 5 or 6, increase that stat by +1.
  • Special: This roll is immutable.

New Body [Mutant]

  • Prerequisite: Genetic Mutation, Cha 11
  • Benefit: Your body changes almost overnight. Roll a new body as if you had been reincarnated, without any level loss or Constitution loss. While this may include a new gender, your mind is otherwise unaltered (although biological imperatives may take precedence).
  • Special: This feat can be taken multiple times, each time a new body is rolled.

Gene Flare [Mutant]

  • Prerequisite: Genetic Mutation, Lck 13
  • Benefit: Some of your dormant aberrant genes flare to life, sending a tingling down your spine. For every Genetic Mutation feat you have you may roll an additional ability score to increase by +1. The effects are immediate.

Gene Stabilizer [General]

  • Prerequisite: At least 1 mutation or superpower
  • Benefit: Your aberrant genes go dormant once again, negating the effects of a superpower or mutation.

Superpower [General]

  • Prerequisite: Genetic Mutation
  • Benefit: The dormant power in your genes come to life, granting you a Superpower! Read more at Superpowers. The power may not immediately manifest, and depending on the power level may take longer to control.
  • Special: This feat can only be taken once, but depending on the tier of power received multiple powers may be gained. Read more at Superpowers

Power Acclimator [Super]

  • Prerequisite: Superpower, Int 11
  • Benefit: Your mind adapts to these new powers easier than most. During power acclimation, superpower failure chances are permanently lowered by 10%, and every level it is lowered by 10% instead of the usual 5%
  • Normal: During acclimation, a character's power failure chance lowers 5% per level they acclimate.

Power Enhancer [Super]

  • Prerequisites: Genetic Mutation, Superpower, powers of Intermediate strength or lower.
  • Benefit: The power in your genes flare to life, and the superpowers you have combine into greater ones. Four minor powers are combined into two intermediate powers, or two intermediate powers are combined into one major power. Any benefits gained from the lesser powers are lost immediately.
  • Special: This feat may be taken multiple times.

Power Refiner [Super]

  • Prerequisites: Genetic Mutation, Gene Stabilizer, a Superpower of Intermediate or greater strength
  • Benefit: You gain some semblance of control over your aberrant genome. Instead of being dormant, you can replace Intermediate or Major powers with lesser powers of your influencing. A major power can be replaced with two intermediate powers, or two intermediate powers can be replaced with four minors. These are determined in a way similar to power shift, but with a pool of four powers. Any benefits of the previous power are lost immediately, and replaced by the benefits of the newer powers.

Power Shift [Super]

  • Prerequisites: Genetic Mutation, a Superpower, Lck 11, Cha 11
  • Benefit: Your aberrant genes flare once again, resulting in a shift in power. One power of your choosing becomes a new power of the same power level. You may choose a pool of ten powers and roll to determine which of those powers will be the new power. Any benefits of the previous power are lost immediately, and replaced by the benefits of the newer power.

Unstable Genome [Super]

  • Prerequisite: Genetic Mutation, Superpower, Lck 13
  • Benefit: Your genetic code is a mess. As this feat comes into effect, it's almost as if your entire genetic structure gets resequenced. You reroll your Superpower as if you were determining it again for the first time.
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