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The following feats are no longer in effect

Manaburn Feats
Manaburn feats utilize the Manaburn system. There are two types of feats pertaining to Manaburning , General feats and [Mana] feats. Only characters who are capable of casting arcane spells may take [Mana] feats. Characters who have a [Mana] feat gain +1 spells per day of their lowest available arcane spell slot (minimum 1st level spells). For example, a wizard with one [Mana] feat would have an extra 1st level spell per day. A wizard with two [Mana] feats would have two extra 1st level spells per day.

Mana Attunement [Mana]

  • Prerequisites: CL 3, 8 ranks in Spellcraft
  • Benefit: Casters with this feat are less likely to fail while Mana Burning, and can cast a little more without having to Mana Burn. Casters with this feat gain one extra spell per day(or spell known) for a spell level of their choosing(up to their highest spell level), and have a reduced % chance to fail equal to their Caster Level.
    • For example, a 4th level Wizard would have a 7%(11% - 4%) chance of failing while Mana Burning to cast a 1st level spell, assuming they only prepared one of that spell.

Mana Discipline [Mana]

  • Prerequisites: Mana Attunement, 12 ranks in Spellcraft
  • Benefit: Mana Burn damage goes down to 1d4, instead of 1d6, per spell level

Mana Flux [Mana]

  • Prerequisites: CL 1, 8 ranks in Spellcraft, must have knocked self unconscious by use of Mana Burning
  • Benefit: Once per day, while Mana Burning, you may halve the failure chance(rounding up) before applying any modifiers

Mana Hemorrhage [General]

  • Prerequisites: May not cast spells, Mage Slayer
  • Benefit: Characters with this feat disrupt the flow of Mana in the area around them, disrupting nearby arcane spellcasters. Casters within 30 ft of someone who have this feat has an increased chance to fail while Mana Burning. This chance is equal to (3x the character level of the person with this feat)%. Additional people with this feat in the same area only increase the failure chance by 1% per character level.
    • For example, a Wizard surrounded by 4 level 5 characters who have this feat would have a +30%((3%x5) + (1%x5) + (1%x5) + (1%x5)) chance to fail while casting 

Mana Manipulation [Mana]

  • Prerequisites: Mana Attunement, 12 ranks in Spellcraft
  • Benefit: Casters with this feat may opt to damage themselves some more, for extra spellcasting power. Whenever Mana Burning, the caster may choose to increase the Mana Burn damage to 1d8, instead of 1d6, per spell level. Doing so increases the effective caster level at which you cast the spell by 2, instead of 1. 
Mana Burn System
Mana Burn System - Manaburn Feats
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