Renderrs' DnD Resource

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Over the years I've created a number of new templates, some based on existing ones while others are more original. Most templates are meant to be played, but not all are ones that you would want to get. Below you'll find a list of templates that I've created or modified, sorted by type.


Aberration Type

Construct Type

Dragon Type

  • Wyrmhearted Template - Dwaagon blood

Elemental Type

  • Hemomental Template - Blood swarm

Fey Type

  • Elderwood Template - Fey lineage

Humanoid Type

  • Normalized Template - Become a real boy

Ooze Type

  • Gummy - Modified Gelatinous template

Outsider Type

  • Iron Dwarf - Dwarves enhanced by a mystic ritual (Tetshasu exclusive)
  • Star Kissed Template - Touched by the cosmos

Plant Type

  • Creep Template - Symbiotic bond with a vine

Undead Type

  • Gravetouched - Modified Gravetouched Ghoul template
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