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Greetings travelers! This wikia will be used to host all my homebrew stuff for D&D 3.5, as well as to document and archive the exploits of the Player Characters and NPCs that can be found in our adventures. All rules, feats, monsters, etc. that will be publicly available can be found here. Pretty much all my homebrew was designed with the intention of increasing the power curve of players (primarily martial classes), and is not balanced when compared to the base game. As always, consult your DM if you plan to use any homebrew. If you have any questions or concerns, shoot me a PM. Have fun!

Current Campaign/Adventure

Sky Islands: New World Order: The taint of chaos spreads throughout the lands. Empires clash in a vie for control. A new generation of gods emerges. What does the future hold?

Previous Campaigns/Adventures

To read more about previous campaign settings, check the links below

The Wizcension

A broken world of floating islands, filled with magic, technology, and conspiracy.

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Lost Treasures of Lazeron

A low magic world, a treasure map, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure

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Tales from Brookshire

A world on the brink of change, war is coming.

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Emerald Isles

A distant and exotic archipelago, ancient treasures, forgotten prophecies

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One Shots

Reference Materials