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The feats listed below are exclusive to their respective classes. In general, they may be taken by an character with at least 1 level in the respective class, and should the character no longer have at least one level in said class they do not gain the benefits of the feat until they meet the prerequisites again.


Prize Fighter [Fighter]

  • Prerequisite: Fighter level 1
  • Benefit: As a swift action you may call out an enemy, and attempt to demoralize them with an intimidate check as a free action. Once you call them out, (regardless of the result of the intimidate check) you have a number of rounds equal to your charisma bonus (minimum 1) to incapacitate them. Doing so within the allotted time grants you a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls as well as social checks for 1 hour per fighter level. Failure to do so results in a -2 penalty instead for 1 hour, and being unable to use this ability again for the day. In order to benefit from this feat you must deal the incapacitating blow, otherwise it is considered a failure.
  • Special: This bonus is doubled in duration of the target is incapacitated with a critical hit. This bonus is doubled in effectiveness if the enemy is of higher CR than your character level. This bonus halved in effectiveness if you receive help in incapacitating the enemy or if the enemy is of a lower CR than your character level.

Jackalope's Gift [Fighter]

  • Prerequisite: Fighter level 4, any fighter feat
  • Benefit: When you take this feat, you gain 1 point to your daily luck pool for every two fighter feats you have (including this one). Whenever you gain two new fighter feats, you gain an additional point to your daily luck pool.

Strong Arm [Fighter]

  • Prerequisite: Fighter level 8
  • Benefit: You may add half your Fighter level to your weapon damage rolls, as well as on Str based skill checks.
  • Special: This bonus is doubled if used with a weapon that the fighter has specialized in (has taken Weapon Specialization for said weapon).


Jinx Mastery [Hexblade]

  • Prerequisite: Hexblade level 2
  • Benefit: You instantly learn 2 more hexes that you are capable of using. These are added to your list of hexes known.
  • Special: The effects of this feat stack. Each time it is taken it applies to two different hexes.

Spell Package, Blackwater [Hexblade]

  • Prerequisite: Hexblade level 1
  • Benefit: You become attuned to the terrors of the deep. Add Swim to your hexblade class skills, and add the following spells to your spells known:
    1. Obscuring Mist
    2. Sting Ray [SpC]
    3. Evard's Black Tentacles
    4. Vortex of Teeth [SpC]
    5. Doomtide [SpC]
    6. Drown [SpC]
    7. Slime Wave [SpC]
    8. Depthsurge [Sto]
    9. Drown, Mass [SpC]

Spell Package, Words of Power [Hexblade]

  • Prerequisite: Hexblade level 1
  • Benefit: You've learned the draconic secret words of power. Add Appraise to your hexblade class skills, and add the following spells to your spells known:
    1. Power Word Pain [RotD]
    2. Power Word Sicken [RotD]
    3. Power Word Deafen [RotD]
    4. Power Word Distract [RotD]
    5. Power Word Disable [RotD]
    6. Power Word Nauseate [RotD]
    7. Power Word Blind
    8. Power Word Petrify [RotD]
    9. Power Word Kill [RotD]


Wanduit [Spellthief]

  • Prerequisite: Spellthief level 1
  • Benefit: You gain the supernatural ability to channel your stolen spells into magic items. Wands (and other limited charge based magical items) can have their charges replenished. In a ritual that lasts 1 hour, a Spellthief may opt to expend held stolen spells into a magical item, restoring used charges. The spells must be of equal or greater value to the equivalent of the magic item, and the spellthief must be at least of equal level to the caster level of the item (or else they must make a caster level check with a DC of 10 + the caster level of the item, failure indicates a loss of the expended spell but no other detriments). Spells of equal level restore charges on a 1 to 1 basis, while spells of greater value restore charges equal to 1 + the difference in spell levels.
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