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Magic items are the hallmarks of a legendary campaign. They are gleaned from the hoards of conquered monsters, taken from fallen foes, and sometimes crafted by the characters themselves. The most valuable and coveted of all the sorts of treasure that an adventurer could hope to find, magic items grant abilities to a character that he could never have otherwise, or complement his existing capabilities in wondrous ways. Some magic items even have intelligence and are almost NPCs in their own right.

Magic items are divided into categories: armor, weapons, potions, rings, rods, scrolls, staffs, wands, and wondrous items. Wondrous architecture is also a form of magic item in function, though they are much more stationary and affect the area around them. In addition, some magic items are cursed or intelligent. Finally, a few magic items are of such rarity and power that they are considered to belong to a category of their own: artifacts. Artifacts are classified in turn as minor (extremely rare but not one-of-a-kind items) or major (each one unique and extremely potent).

Magic Items
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