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The following feats are no longer in effect

Ability Feats
The feats listed here are [Ability] feats, and directly affect Ability scores. The bonus given to ability scores is untyped, and not magical in nature. [Ability] feats can be taken more than once, and their effects stack, however after the first time the ability score is only increased by +1 instead of +2. Only characters who's net base stat modifier (sum of ability modifiers) does not exceed +8 qualify for ability feats. Furthermore, the feats can only raise a score to a maximum of 20. If an ability score is 20 or higher, the feat has no effect on it. [Ability] feat bonuses are calculated after racial modifiers.

Mighty [Ability]

  • Benefit: Your STR score increases by +2

Nimble [Ability]

  • Benefit: Your DEX score increases by +2

Tenacious [Ability]

  • Benefit: Your CON score increases by +2

Intelligent [Ability]

  • Benefit: Your INT score increases by +2

Wise [Ability]

  • Benefit: Your WIS score increases by +2

Charming [Ability]

  • Benefit: Your CHA score increases by +2
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